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Additional outrage being heard about this situation.

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Judge Allows School to Bully a Student and Charges Victim With Crime


One of the first pieces of advice that I (and all my bullying prevention colleagues) give to students who are being bullied is: COLLECT EVIDENCE. In many case, evidence is the only thing that will stand between a target and an institution that prefers to believe the bully.  We saw this happen when J…

Great video! All should see this.

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West Morgan Middle School Produces Video On Bullying


TRINITY, Ala. (WHNT) – We've all heard plenty lately about bullying, and the effects it has on our students. Well, schools in Morgan County were asked to produce a video on the subject. At West Mor…

Kelsey Coan
Facebook IconApril 15, 2014 at 9:31 am

Here is my single "I HEART ME "
This song is dedicated to Anti Bullying and those with Special Needs. This This song is to remind ALL of us to Believe in Ourselves and to know we are all SPECIAL in our own way!

All My Love,


please share if you know anyone that this could help inspire!


Kelsey Coan

Home page of Kelsey Coan, a pop artist from Southern New Jersey


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Kelsey Coan


Home page of Kelsey Coan, a pop artist from Southern New Jersey

To blame the victim is outrageous. What are these administrators, police, and judge thinking; punishing the victim while there are no consequences for the bullies. This sends the wrong message. Your thoughts!

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When student recorded bullies with iPad, school claimed it was felony wiretapping


A desperate teenager recorded seven minutes of being bullied during his special ed math class, but when the school found out, officials accused him of felony wiretapping.

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