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More Ways that School can be COOL!

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More Ways that School can be COOL!

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The last time the class met, all the kids had fun thinking of ways to make their schools ‘cool.’ They thought of a lot of places at school where ‘Cool Kind Kids’ can demonstrate their good manners. They also talked about the fact that there are a lot of people at school who they can also not only show respect to, but treat with their best manners. How many places and people did you think of?

School can be Cool in the Classroom

Tanner, Nicole, Stephen, Carmen, Roberto, Francie, and Rudy walked into class today talking about their schools, and how kids are treating one another. As I greeted them, I could see that they were really into these conversations. I asked them what they were talking about, and all wanted to speak first. Nicole started by saying, “Last time we met I said that school is the one place where we spend most of our time when we are awake, so it should be a place where all kids want to go; a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe.” Tanner added, “We spend most of our day at school in our classrooms, so maybe we should first learn how to make our classrooms ‘cool’.”

I asked, “What do you think are some ways to make your classrooms cool? Rudy had some ‘cool class clues’ to share. He said, “The teacher is in charge, not us. If you respect your teacher, your teacher will respect you.” Tanner added, “Show respect to classmates, too. If someone makes a mistake, be kind and practice The Golden Rule. You could be the one who goofs next time.” Carmen said, “Not picking on someone who is different from you shows respect to a classmate too.” I added, “Those are all good suggestions.”

Manners Rules for Classroom Cool

Everyone seemed to have ideas to share for making their classrooms ‘cool’. Francie said, “Coming to class prepared and taking turns during discussions is a way to make my class cool.” Stephen added, “I try to listen to other people and pay attention to what they’re saying, instead of interrupting them. I know that is a good manners rule.” I added, “Everyone has the right to speak and be heard.”

I continued, “There are some kids who think it’s okay to goof off in class. Does that make your classroom cool?” Tanner answered, “Its fine to joke around once in a while, but all the time? That isn’t cool.” Roberto added, “Clowning around at the wrong time, and misbehaving at any time, make you look un-cool. Some kids think bad behavior is cool, but they don’t realize how un-cool they are.” Nicole got into the conversation with, “There is a girl in my class named Clutzo who always tries to make everyone laugh, but they end up laughing at her. She doesn’t pay attention, makes fun of other kids, and interrupts the teacher. She even cheats and then blames someone else when she gets caught. Her behavior is definitely un-cool, so she stops our classroom from being cool. If she could be a ‘Cool Kind Kid’ she might have more friends.”

Cooperation can Help make a Classroom Cool

Then the kids started talking about group projects they were doing at school. All had had bad experiences with class projects. Rudy said, “There are some kids who take all the fun out of it because they don’t know how to cooperate.” Nicole added, “Everyone should listen to the ideas that each student has and then agree on what to do. It’s not cool when one person tries to make all the decisions.” Carmen shared, “It’s cool to do the part that you promised you would do, and not be late getting it done.” Stephen added, “I always do my best. I don’t want to be the reason that our group doesn’t get a good grade.”

Good Manners Rule in a Cool Classroom

I ended the class with, “It sounds like we’ve covered plenty of ways to make your classrooms ‘cool’. A ‘cool’ classroom is one where everyone knows to be kind, caring, polite, responsible and cooperative. Tanner jumped up, “I want to add that, “It’s kind and cool to help someone who needs help.’” All agreed that helping others is a great way to make your classrooms “cool.”

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