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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - April 16-22, 2017 [In case you missed some posts.]

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Female teens are far more likely than male teens to post personal photos or videos of themselves online.

Kids whose hygiene is questionable leave themselves wide open for teasing, bullying or exclusion. Encourage your reluctant ones to respect themselves enough to care about how they take care of their one and only body. Don't let them win the battle; these are good habits and attitudes that you want to follow them throughout life. #BECOOLKINDKIDS #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING


Hello, Tanner here again. If you're invited to someone's house to eat, please don't say the food is 'yucky.' You'll hurt their feelings, and you might not be invited again, Just be willing to try some new things. #TANNERSTUESDAYTIPS #STOPBULLYING #BECOOLKINDKIDS 

Cool Kind Kid Challengers…Want their school to be a safe, friendly place for everyone, so they are accepting of everyone's differences.

I'm sad because mommy went away for 10 days and left me at home. I have a great sitter, and I got to go for walks and to my doggie day care, but I still miss her. She'll get lots of hugs and kisses when I see her.  I hope you give your family hugs and kisses too.  #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #OLIVERSTIPSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING


Bullying, our #2 epidemic, has been receiving a huge amount of press recently.  Every day I'm posting articles, news reports, studies and stats on our Facebook Page.  Every day there is another report of a suicide to post.  Most of these are teens, but some are as young as 8 or 9. This is a senseless [...]

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How Rude are we Today?

Our rudeness and incivility is a key factor in bullying today.  In fact, the 'bullying cycle' is now widely believed to begin with rudeness or incivility, grow into bullying, and then often escalate into violence.  The challenge is addressing the problem at the beginning of the cycle, or the rudeness, which is the easiest place [...]

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New Year-New Challenge to End Bullying

Now that we are part way into the New Year, let’s recap and re-emphasize the role that Cool Kind Kid® can play in our bullying crisis today. Let’s also revisit the power that the Cool Kind Kid Challenge can have in shaping kids’ lives so they don’t bully peers.Cool Kind Kid is social skills training that helps kids [...]

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6 More Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Here are some more SOCIAL SKILLS tips to help you help your children learn ways to think, act, and behave that will enable them to get along well with others. Another benefit is these skills will better prepare them for BULLYING PREVENTION. 1. When we GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT to a child for a job well done, a chore completed, a kind [...]

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5 Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year! As we begin 2017, one important focus is to be on helping our children get along better with one another.  Another important focus is to provide them with some tools to help them reject bullying. There are many things that you can do to encourage your kids to have GOOD MANNERS and SOCIAL SKILLS.  These [...]

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New Year, New Awareness

While cleaning out some files recently, I found an article I had written in 2003. When I read it again, I realized it had application for today. The original article was entitled "Have our Manners Disappeared?" Some of it is paraphrased here. What did we bring with us as we crossed over into 2000? Many great [...]

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Gifts and Thank You Notes - Always a Dilemma

Gifts and Thank You Notes - Always a DilemmaWe are now in the midst of the biggest gift giving season of the year. We are all excited about being able to give a special gift, carefully selected for someone. And, we are all excited about receiving something special as well. But nothing matches the excitement we see on our [...]

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Holiday Hoopla

Holiday HooplaHolidays are a great time for getting together with family and friends. They remind us about caring for others, doing acts of kindness, and perhaps showing a bit more compassion than we normally would. They are also the most stressful time of the year. To keep the stress at a minimum, it can be helpful to [...]

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Studies Show Manners Matter

Studies Show Manners MatterConsidering that nearly 90% of us believe rudeness to be a serious problem in our society, [US News & World Report] and that 50 states now have legislation requiring schools to deal with bullying and violence, it seems that we need to rethink the importance of manners and social skills training.  We need to [...]

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