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Salute to Freedom


  Ms. Gilmour greeted the kids with, "Happy middle of summer!  Welcome back!  I’m glad to see Tanner, Rudy, Nicole, Stephen, Carmen, Francie and Roberto today."  The kids all greeted her in return.  She then asked, "What have you been doing to fill your summer days?"  Every hand went up.  Nicole said, "I'm excited to be going to sleep away camp soon." Everyone cheered for Nicole.  Stephen shared, "I've been going to soccer camp.  That has been a lot of fun." Roberto added, "My neighborhood has a day camp that I've been going to.  All the kids in my neighborhood have fun  there."

Carmen was waving her hand for a turn.  "My family is going to a family reunion.  I'll get to see my grandparents and cousins who I don't get to see very often."  Ms. Gilmour replied, "That sounds like a lot of fun."  Tanner was excited to share, "My dad is taking a staycation, and has a lot of fun projects planned."  Rudy interjected, "What's a staycation.  Doing projects doesn't sound like fun."  Tanner laughed, "A staycation is when you take a vacation from work, but stay at home instead of going away.  To me it is fun, because my dad teaches me how to fix things, we spend time together, and often after a project is completed, we go out together as a family.  That's fun for me."  Rudy looked disappointed, and said, "OK if that is what you like to do, then that's fine with me."  Ms. Gilmour added, "Not everyone is able to do fancy vacations.  Sometimes we have to create our own fun at home."  Francie looked dejected when she added, "My dad lost his job recently, so we won't be able to go on a vacation this year."  The kids all gathered around Francie, and began inviting her to their swim club, their neighborhood camp, a day spent with them just hanging out, and many other ideas for fun.  Ms. Gilmour commented, "I'm so proud of all of you.  You just showed Francie Cool Kind Kid kindness and caring."  Then they all high-fived each other.


Ms. Gilmour then changed subjects by asking, "What is the most important holiday in the summer?"  All responded, "The 4th of July!"  She continued, "The 4th this year was in the middle of the week, so when did your families celebrate?"  Tanner was first to answer, "My family had a picnic the week-end before and then we went to the parade and fireworks on the 4th."  Stephen said,  "I had family coming to visit the week-end after for a party, but we also went to the parade and fireworks."  Carmen replied, "We did everything on the actual 4th because my parents have to work on the week-ends.  It was a lot of fun." 

Ms. Gilmour asked, "A while ago, we had a visit from Proud Patriotic Paul who taught us some things about our flag and how to take care of it.  Do you remember some of the things he said?"  Rudy said. “I learned some cool stuff about how to take care of our flag, like taking it in if the weather is bad."   Tanner added,  “I like to see it outside my house, so I asked my dad to put a light on it." “I’m going to be in charge of our flag at my house,” shared Roberto, “It reminds me of all we have in our country.”

Did you remember to put your flag out on Flag Day? Nicole jumped up and said, “I got up early that day because I couldn’t wait to put it out.” “I saw flags all along my street,” added Carmen.  Stephen looked thoughtful and said, “I guess everyone wants to show they’re patriotic.” “Cool Kind Kids” are patriotic!"


Ms. Gilmour then said, "Those are all fun things to do on the 4th of July, and it's great to put out our flag on Flag Day, but why do we celebrate the 4th?"  “I know,” Rudy offered, “That’s the day our country got free.”  A few of the kids laughed, but Ms. Gilmour quieted them. “You mean when the Declaration of Independence was signed?” asked Nicole? “That’s it,” added Rudy, ”I learned that in school.”

“It means that we are free to be who and what we want here," said Francie.  “Cool Kind Kids” appreciate all the freedom we have in this country."  Ms. Gilmour added, "What are some ways to show how much we appreciate our freedom? “I know a way,” Tanner said with his hand raised, “My scout troop created a float for the 4th of July parade. It was red, white, and blue; very patriotic.  Everyone at the parade cheered for our float."

Ms. Gilmour continued, "What else can we do to show gratitude for our freedom? “When I see a veteran, I thank them,” said Rudy. “Sometimes my class sends thank-you cards to the veterans’ hospital nearby,” added Nicole. Stephen was waving his hand to share, “There are kids in my class whose mom or dad are away fighting a war. We make cards for them. We make up care packages, too. Sometimes when they come home they come to our school to surprise their kids. That’s really cool!”

“Cool Kind Kids” can show we care about the military people and veterans who have done so much for our freedom by just saying, 'thank-you' when we see them", Ms. Gilmour said, as the class ended.

Freedom Poem

Freedom for me

Freedom for you

Available to all

In the red, white and blue

Respect our flag

Our country, too

And each person here

So they’ll respect you

Take care of our land

Water, trees and shore

If we don’t do that

They will be no more

Show that you care

Be grateful, too

For all that we have

In the red, white and blue

© “Cool Kind Kid”

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