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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - June 12 - June 18, 2017 [In case you missed some posts.]

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An easy introduction for kids to learn is, "Hello, I'm Blake, what's your name?" The other responds with, "I'm Jake, it's nice to meet you." Then they can start talking by asking how they are, what class they're in, or what sports they like. #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #BULLYINGPREVENTIONTIPS #ANTIBULLYING


Hello from Tanner, My friend Rosie thinks she is the restaurant police. She has lots of rules for restaurant eating, including being quiet and polite, and no running around. She really hates when kids are on their cell phones when someone is paying for their meal out. I think she is right about these things. What do you think? #TANNERSTUESDAYTIPS #STOPBULLYING #BECOOLKINDKIDS



Cool Kind Kid Challengers…Know that they go to school to get an education and to be successful and happy in life. #BECOOLKINDKIDS #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING


In honor of Father's Day I'd like you to meet my Dad, Ty. Sadly he passed away two years ago. I like to remember him on Father's Day. I hope that you do something nice for your Dad on this special day. #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #OLIVERSTIPSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING


Suicide is the leading cause of death among 10-14 year-olds. Approximately 30% of these cases are related to bullying.

Why we Need Manners and Social Skills Training for our Children

Bullying is our number 2 epidemic.  It is starting in preschool, as young as age three.  Our children are going to daycare, preschool, and other babysitting or learning environments at younger ages than in previous generations.  Many are not going into these places with the social skills they need to get along with other children. [...]

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Bullying, our #2 epidemic, has been receiving a huge amount of press recently.  Every day I'm posting articles, news reports, studies and stats on our Facebook Page.  Every day there is another report of a suicide to post.  Most of these are teens, but some are as young as 8 or 9. This is a senseless [...]

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6 More Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Here are some more SOCIAL SKILLS tips to help you help your children learn ways to think, act, and behave that will enable them to get along well with others. Another benefit is these skills will better prepare them for BULLYING PREVENTION. 1. When we GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT to a child for a job well done, a chore completed, a kind [...]

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5 Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year! As we begin 2017, one important focus is to be on helping our children get along better with one another.  Another important focus is to provide them with some tools to help them reject bullying. There are many things that you can do to encourage your kids to have GOOD MANNERS and SOCIAL SKILLS.  These [...]

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Studies Show Manners Matter

Studies Show Manners MatterConsidering that nearly 90% of us believe rudeness to be a serious problem in our society, [US News & World Report] and that 50 states now have legislation requiring schools to deal with bullying and violence, it seems that we need to rethink the importance of manners and social skills training.  We need to [...]

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Manners Myths

Manners MythsManners, social skills, or etiquette rules have come into being because of a need for them. Some, such as the handshake, have been around a long time. Others, such as where to park your carriage (and what to do with the horse) when visiting someone's home, disappear because times have changed.  Many have become laws, especially traffic [...]

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Character Ed + Social Skills

Character Ed + Social SkillsMore many years, it was thought that character education was the solution to our bullying problem.  But the problem goes back more years than we have had character education.  Most experts believe that when manners, etiquette, and social skills went out of fashion in the 60's and 70's, we didn't take notice. [...]

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When to Start Teaching Manners and Social Skills?

With bullying being at epidemic level, and research now supporting social skills or manners training as the missing link in bullying prevention, we need to address the issue of when to start teaching our children these skills.  Many people have asked me when they should start teaching their children manners.  My response is always sooner rather than [...]

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Redefining "COOL"

Redefining CoolBullying prevention begins with re-educating kids with a new definition for "cool."  Kids today are bombarded on a daily basis in school, in their neighborhoods, and in the media with the idea that the mean, rude, or disrespectful person is the "cool" person. They see people they look up to as role models sending the [...]

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