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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - July 31 - August 6, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

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Not all kids who bully are big. Sometimes the smallest, shyest kids can be the ones doing the most damage to others either in person or on social media. Encourage your kids to not judge someone until they get to know them. They may find that the kid who looks like this is the one who will stand up for them. #ANTI-BULLYINGTIPSFORKIDS #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #BECOOLKINDKIDS 


Hi kids, It's Tanner here again. Well, it's August 1st. That means school is starting soon. Are you excited about going back to school, or not. I know some kids who were teased a lot last year, so they aren't too thrilled to go back. I'll be sure to stick close to them and help them get past the kids who bully. You can do that too. #TANNERSTUESDAYTIPS #STOPBULLYING #BECOOLKINDKIDS


Cool Kind Kid Challengers…Help keep their community clean by getting their friends to participate in community-wide clean-up projects. #BECOOLKINDKIDS #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING 


It's really hot now in Las Vegas, so I have to spend most of the time in the cool AC in my house. I miss being able to walk outside and go to the dog park. If you have to be indoors, maybe you're not feeling well, look for fun things to do and don't complain. I always think a quick nap is the best indoor fun. #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #OLIVERSTIPSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING


18% of teens who have been cyber bullied have had suicidal thoughts.

FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - June 26 - July 2, 2017 [In cased you missed a few.]

SOCIAL SKILLS TIPS BY BARBARAThough kids can't be happy-go-lucky all of the time, there is a line where being miserable and disagreeable is going to influence friendships in a negative way. Encourage your kids to work through problems with peers. At Cool Kind Kid we call this: [...]

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Getting Along with Friends

In my last blog post, I wrote about bullying and how it affects friendships.  I introduced one of our fun characters, Fabulously Fun Friend Francie and her Friendship Facts.  Francie is a character that everyone loves because she is kind, caring, and respectful.  She stands up for friends who are being teased, picked on, or [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - June 11 - June 18, 2017 [In case you missed some posts.]

SOCIAL SKILLS TIPS FROM BARBARAAn easy introduction for kids to learn is, "Hello, I'm Blake, what's your name?" The other responds with, "I'm Jake, it's nice to meet you." Then they can start talking by asking how they are, what class they're in, or what sports [...]

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Bullying and How it Affects Friendships

With bullying being the #2 epidemic in the US today, I'm wondering what affect it has had on friendships. Are kids getting along better or worse?  Are they more tolerant of others and their behavior or not?  Are they aware of the need for kindness and empathy in their relationships with peers?  These are questions [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - May 29 - June 4, 2017 [In case you missed some posts.]

SOCIAL SKILLS TIPS FROM BARBARATeach your kids early to meet and greet friends who come to visit. Even a three-year-old can shake hands; one, two, three shakes, no more. Remind them to stand, look the person in the eye, smile and speak clearly. This early training gives [...]

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Why we Need Manners and Social Skills Training for our Children

Bullying is our number 2 epidemic.  It is starting in preschool, as young as age three.  Our children are going to daycare, preschool, and other babysitting or learning environments at younger ages than in previous generations.  Many are not going into these places with the social skills they need to get along with other children. [...]

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How Rude are we Today?

Our rudeness and incivility is a key factor in bullying today.  In fact, the 'bullying cycle' is now widely believed to begin with rudeness or incivility, grow into bullying, and then often escalate into violence.  The challenge is addressing the problem at the beginning of the cycle, or the rudeness, which is the easiest place [...]

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6 More Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Here are some more SOCIAL SKILLS tips to help you help your children learn ways to think, act, and behave that will enable them to get along well with others. Another benefit is these skills will better prepare them for BULLYING PREVENTION. 1. When we GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT to a child for a job well done, a chore completed, a kind [...]

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5 Social Skills Tips for the New Year

Happy New Year! As we begin 2017, one important focus is to be on helping our children get along better with one another.  Another important focus is to provide them with some tools to help them reject bullying. There are many things that you can do to encourage your kids to have GOOD MANNERS and SOCIAL SKILLS.  These [...]

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