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Social Skills and Anti-Bullying Cool Kind Kid Flash and Game Cards - Pack 1

Social Skills and Anti-Bullying Cool Kind Kid Flash and Game Cards - Pack 1


Product Description

Cool Kind Kid Flash and Game Cards Give Kids FUN Social Skills and Bullying Prevention Tools

Bullying has become our nation's number 2 epidemic.  It is reported to be starting in preschool, as young as age three. All 50 states now have legislation in place directing school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies.  Many bullying prevention programs, kids books on bullying, and anti-bullying activities and lessons have been developed to meet the requirements of this legislation.  However, most of these policies, and many of the resources, are reactive; dealing with bullying issues after they happen. Though that is necessary, it isn't getting to the root of the problem.  Research is now showing that these reactive policies aren't working to prevent bullying.

A bullying cycle has been identified; rudeness or incivility lead to bullying, and bullying can escalate into violence.  The challenge is dealing with the beginning of that cycle, the rudeness or incivility, which is also the easiest part of the cycle to address.  Research is now supporting social skills training, or social competence training, as the missing link in bullying prevention.  Cool Kind Kid has been providing proactive social skills activities for children for many years; with the focus on those social skills lessons providing kids with the anti-bullying tools needed to reject bullying outright.

Cool Kind Kid approaches this bullying problem and the need for social skills training to combat bullying by the important factor of redefining "cool," for kids. They are bombarded in school, their neighborhoods, and the media with the message that mean, rude, and disrespectful behavior is cool, and that bullying is cool.  As parents, educators, and the responsible media, we have a powerful role to play in changing that message so kids learn that kind, caring, and respectful behavior is cool, and that bullying is the ultimate in uncool. 

The message throughout Cool Kind Kid's curricula and parent/educator products and resources is to help kids understand that they can be both kind and cool.  They can learn that "Kind is Cool," and "Cool is Kind."  We stress that "It's COOL to live The Golden Rule."  And, the most important one is, "The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully." Kids today are tired of the bullying.  They don't understand why some of the meanest kids are considered 'cool' by their peers.  As they grasp the concept that kind, nice, caring, compassionate, accepting, and polite are cool, we see the motivation for bullying weakened.  

The Cool Kind Kid Flash and Game Cards make teaching new definitions for 'cool,' and social skills to children easy and engaging. Each card features a Cool Kind Kid® character on the front. Kids love Fabulously Fun Friend Francie, Caring Citizen Courtney, Nice Neighbor Nicole, Brutus Belligerent Bully, Buddy, Bus Bully Buster, Cool Caring Carla, Radically Rude Rudalot, and many more.  These original characters/illustrations each depict a cool or uncool behavior.  Kids can look at the illustration and see that the character is acting in a 'cool' or 'uncool' manner.

On the back of each card are Cool Kind Kid® skills that are actually anti-bullying tools and social skills lessons related to the topic each card is addressing. Kids learn what is 'cool' and what is 'uncool.' They learn bullying is the ultimate in 'uncool.'  At the bottom of each card is a box stating if that particular card/character is 'cool' or uncool.'


THREE GAMES engage children in learning the social skills they need to reject bullying.  Whether used in the home or the classroom, these cards can be reviewed over and over.  

COOL or UNCOOL? Game:  Parent/instructor shows the character sides of the cards.  Kids get a point for each character activity identified correctly as 'cool' or 'uncool.'  

CARD SCRAMBLE GAME:  Parent/instructor spreads the cards out on a table, illustration side up.  Kids pick a character and get a point for correctly stating a Cool Kind Kid skill on the back.  

WHO IS IT? Game:  Parent/instructor reads a Cool Kind Kid skill.  Child gets a point for identifying the correct character.

For homes, schools, camps, or other youth and kids’ programs. Your children, grandchildren, or students can have fun learning how to be Cool Kind Kids®.


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