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Development Team



Barbara Gilmour



  • BS degree from Penn State University
  • In mid-1990’s researched and wrote courses,
    Manners for Kids 8-12 and Manners for Teens
  • Started a business teaching courses locally
  • Expanded content to focus on school and
    community programs for early grades
  • Author and developer of Cool Kind Kid parent/teacher/kid products
  • Active blogger
  • Contributing author, Kidsville News! a
    national educational publication for children
  • Contributing expert, ParentalWisdom.com



Sydelle Mason, EdD

Co-Author and Educational Consultant


  • Doctorate in Education from Rutgers University
  • Accomplished career in all aspects of educational
    arena, in both for-profit and non-profit sectors
  • Currently, VP Professional Development,
    Vantage Learning



Wendy McDermott, PhD

Co-Author, Editor, and Educational Consultant



  • Doctorate in Linguistics from Cornell University
  • 25 years teaching at the elementary, secondary,
    and university levels
  • Currently President of GoodSense English—
    test development and educational consulting

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