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The Cool Kind Kid School Assembly Program has received RAVE REVIEWS from students and educators. Fun and engaging skits and musical numbers present social skills tips for preventing bullying. Featuring the Award-Winning Cool Kind Kid® CD – Winner of more than 15 National Awards, including Parents’ and Teachers’ Choice, The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, and many more.

Research since 2008 supports social skills training as the missing link in bullying prevention. Our current reactive measures are not working. Let’s provide our children with fun, engaging, and proactive ways to equip them to reject bullying. Cool Kind Kid® redefines cool so that kids learn the KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.™ 


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Check out all 11 modules of our school assembly program on YouTube!

  1. Introduction
  2. Talking and Listening
  3. Blurty
  4. Rude Rudy
  5. First Impressions
  6. Magic Words
  7. Be Polite
  8. Cool School
  9. Dining Manners
  10. Confident and Cool
  11. Cool Kind Kid Challenge


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