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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - August 28- September 3, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

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Whether going to school or daycare, kids are going to encounter other kids who don't look like them. Prepare them early by introducing them to neighbors who are of different races, ethnicities, or religions. Stress that we are all the same on the inside, and deserve our kindness and respect. For older kids, have them Google the different nationalities they see and find out interesting things about them.

Tanner here again asking where bullying happens at your school. On the playground, stick close to friends, avoid going to out of the way places by yourself, and always know where an adult is, if needed. Stand up and speak up if you see someone being hurt or bullied. That's not tattling.

Cool Kind Kid Challengers…are confident class leaders, who always present a good example of cool, kind behavior, that other kids respond to.

I hope that you like to exercise as much as I do. Here I am on a treadmill having fun. I'm glad that there are supports to keep me safe. Be sure to choose fun ways to exercise and remember to always be safe. #SOCIALSKILLSFORKIDS #OLIVERSTIPSFORKIDS #ANTIBULLYING

58% of kids admit to never telling anyone about bullying incidences because of fear.

FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - August 21 - August 27, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

ANTI-BULLYING TIPS BY BARBARA Though it may be okay for kids to throw a tantrum, scream and yell, or curse at home, it isn't going to be okay at school or daycare. Teach your kids early how to handle their emotions. Equip them with strategies for dealing with [...]

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GUEST BLOG POST by Tina Nocera, Parental Wisdom

What legacy will you leave behind?Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. – Princess DianaParents wonder if our children hear our words, learn the lessons we try to share or see the actions we model. Yet [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - August 14 - August 20, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

ANTI-BULLYING TIPS FROM BARBARA "Treat others the way that you want to be treated," is The Golden Rule. Too many kids, and adults, follow a different rule; "Treat others the way they treat you." A small difference in wording, but a big difference in meaning. Role-play scenarios [...]

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GUEST BLOG POST by Laura Pearson

Five Things I Learned When I Found Out My Child Was Being Cyber-bulliedAfter my family and I packed up and moved across country, my son seemed to be settling into his new school. His grades were fine, and he seemed to be making friends. Then he started to become isolated. He didn’t want to hang out with his new [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - August 7 - August 13, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

ANTI-BULLYING TIPS FROM BARBARA School will be starting soon. Whether your child is going to preschool for the first time, or returning to school, cooperation, sharing, and playing fair are important skills for them to learn. Start now reinforcing these concepts by setting up games with siblings, [...]

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Guest Blog Post by Tina Nocera, Parental Wisdom

When you realize you are friends with your children Tina and NoelleWell before the Gilmore Girls made it popular to be friends with your daughter, Noelle and I had a relationship based on mutual love, respect, trust and laughter.Now I’m realizing how much I’m learning from her. I don’t worry about keeping up with the digital [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - July 31 - August 6, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

ANTI-BULLYING TIPS FROM BARBARA Not all kids who bully are big. Sometimes the smallest, shyest kids can be the ones doing the most damage to others either in person or on social media. Encourage your kids to not judge someone until they get to know them. [...]

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It's "Cool" to Live The Golden Rule

It’s “Cool” to Live The Golden RuleHello, again! My grandson, Tanner, has brought some friends today. When Tanner told his friends about our conversation last time, about how to be “cool” and “kind,” they all wanted to be part of the group. I introduced myself to Francie, Rudy, Carmen, Nicole, Stephen, and Mario. I gave them a [...]

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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - July 24 - 30 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

ANTI-BULLYING TIPS FROM BARBARA Bullying can happen on the playground, the sports field or in the neighborhood. Encourage kids to stand up for a friend who is being bullied or intimidated. 50% of bullying situations could be stopped if kids would band together and tell the bully to [...]

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