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Another Cool Kind Kid Poem for National Poetry MOnth

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As National Poetry Month comes to a close I wanted so post one more of our fun poems. This one is from our lesson table manners from our Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition.

A Cool Kind Kid Eats Out

Eating out is fun to do
We do so more and more
Take your manners with you
Starting at the door

No matter where you're going
The rules are all the same
No running, yelling, whining
Learn this like a game

Dress in what is proper
For where you're going to be
You won't need your ball gown
If going to Mickey D's

Buffet binging isn't cool
Take too much, look like a fool
Push, shove, trip your friend
You won't be invited again

Napkin in lap, feet on floor
Ask politely when wanting more
Inside voices, a pleasant smile
Easy talking, visit a while

Be grateful for what's done for you
Be polite, well-mannered, too
Thank you host and server, too
It's the "Cool Kind" thing to do

(C) Cool Kind Kid

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