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Another FUN POEM from Cool Kind Kid

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Here's another original poem from the Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition.  We use these poems in role-plays, and creating songs and raps.  This one is from our lesson on Talking and Listening.  It's called;


Talking and listening are here to stay
They're some of the things we do each day
You can ask your friend what his dog weighs
But don't ask Mom, "How much do you weigh?"

Some questions are good, and some taboo
Think kindness, caring, and tactful, too
Think of how someone else might feel
And how you'd feel if said to you

Tell your Pop his hair looks great today
But then don't ask, "Is that a toupee?"
Your uncle has a new Chevrolet
Please don't ask, "How much did you pay?"

Speak softly, clearly, be sure to smile
Give your friend a chance to talk awhile
Show others you care by listening, too
So they will want to listen to you


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