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Be COOL and KIND in your Neighborhood

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Ms. Gilmour waved all the kids into the class as she said, "Welcome everyone.  It's nice to see you again."  Tanner, Nicole, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen, Francie and Roberto all greeted Ms. Gilmour with a handshake and a smile.  She continued, "Since summer and warm weather are here, do you think that you will be spending more time outside in your neighborhoods?" The kids all cheered for that idea!  Each wanted to share their plans for the summer.  Ms. Gilmour laughed at their excitement and said that they would have plenty of time to share what they would be doing over the summer months.

Social Skills and Good Manners in your Neighborhood 

Ms. Gilmour then said, "We have already covered some important places that you go where good manners and social skills are required to be able to get along with others. Now lets talk about another place where you can be Cool Kind Kids. We all live in a neighborhood, so what do you think cool, kind kids should do to be good neighbors?"  Tanner was first to respond by saying, “Let’s ask Nicole. Everyone in our neighborhood calls her ‘Nice Neighbor Nicole.’” “Tanner, why did you say that?” Nicole asked angrily. Tanner replied, “Because it’s true. You are always doing nice things for other people.” Rudy added, “Don’t be embarrassed, Nicole, we want to hear how you are kind and cool to your neighbors.”

Nicole started, “Okay, but what I do in my neighborhood is just what we all should do everywhere we go. You can all do these things, too. I try to be kind and friendly. I greet my neighbors whenever I see them. I help where I see a need that I am able to do.  And, I try my best to practice The Golden Rule.” Everyone cheered for Nicole as she gave Tanner a friendly punch.

Kind and Cool = Good Neighbors

Francie thanked Nicole for sharing and said, "I think those things are easy to do, and I want to start doing them now!" Carmen shared, "There are a lot of pets in my neighborhood. What about them?” “I know,” yelled Rudy. “Always clean up after your pet. Obey ‘pooper scooper’ laws!” Nicole added, “You can also offer to walk a neighbor’s pet if they are elderly or away.” “Cool idea, “ said Rudy.

Ms. Gilmour asked, "What else can you do to help a neighbor?"  Stephen said, “I pick up my neighbor’s mail and newspapers when they are away.” “We have some elderly neighbors, so I take out their trash and then return their trashcans,” added Tanner. “Yeah, and we should keep our own trash picked up, too,” added Roberto.  Nicole was getting excited, “Way to go! You guys are already doing some cool, kind things in your neighborhoods.”

Respect for Neighbors

Stephen added,“I like to play outside, but my dad says we should be respectful of our neighbors. So we don’t play outside or be noisy when they might be sleeping.” Ms. Gilmour added, "In addition to being respectful of your neighbors, that is also being considerate." “Being respectful of their property is important, too,” added Nicole. “We shouldn’t stomp on their flowers, play on their grass, or cut through their yards.” Rudy jumped up, “And, don’t throw baseballs at their windows!” Everyone laughed; but we know that isn’t cool.

“My mom took dinner to a neighbor who was sick last week,” shared Carmen. “My mom does a cool thing for a new family in the neighborhood.” said Nicole. “She takes a cake or other treat to them.” “That’s a great idea,” shared Carmen. “We have moved a lot, so it’s nice when the neighbors are friendly to the new people." Rudy added, "Be sure to invite the new kids in the neighborhood to play with you or join your teams." Rudy got high-fives for that idea. 

I think one of the most important things we need to do to be cool and kind is to respect our neighbors and their differences," shared Ms. Gilmour. "How would you do that?" she asked. Tanner said, "My neighborhood has many different kinds of people.  My parents have taught me that we are all equal; I'm not to make fun of the way anyone looks, dresses, or their customs. In fact, if my parents find out I have been mean to a kid who is different than me, I get punished." Rudy added, "Me too. I don't see different colors or other things about kids, they are just kids in the neighborhood who I can have fun with." Nicole replied, "I agree, that all should be treated equally.  I have a child in my neighborhood with a disability who some kids tease.  That makes me really mad, so I tell them that isn't kind and cool." Ms. Gilmour then said, "You have raised some important points about respecting differences. These are more of what it takes to be kind and cool no matter where you are or where you go. Next time you can tell me about your summer plans. 'Bye for now!"

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