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Cool Kind Kid Celebrates National Poetry Month

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EMAIL OR SNAIL MAIL?  Another fun poem from our Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition.  This poem is from the lesson on Presents, Gifts, and Thank-You Notes.  Kids have fun reading the parts and seeing how a reluctant thank-you note writer is finally convinced that it is the right thing to do.


Part 1:
Giving gifts is fun to do
And making them is, too
Presents and gifts show others you care
I like getting them, don't you?

Part 2:
Mom says thank you notes are right
For gifts and favors, too
Who says a note makes a kid polite?
I don't like writing them, do you?

Part 3:
"Thank you so much"
"How thoughtful of you"
"I love it and can't wait to use it"
Are some of the things that you can say
Never say "Yuk" and refuse it

Part 4:
My friends send thanks by email
Or simply call by phone
If I send thanks by snail mail
I'll be writing all alone

Part 5:
I like doing what's right
Notes could be fun, too
I want to be a kid who's polite
If I write them, won't you?

(C) Cool Kind Kid


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