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Cool Kind Kid Series - 1 - What is a Cool Kind Kid?

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What is a “Cool Kind Kid?”

Hi, boys and girls! My name is Barbara Gilmour, and this story is about being a Cool Kind Kid. Do you know what a Cool Kind Kid is? Would you like to find out? The Cool Kind Kid story starts with my grandson, Tanner. When Tanner was nine, he talked to me about some of the things he saw kids doing that weren’t very nice. He and his friends didn’t like seeing other kids being teased and picked on. They didn’t think that was right. But most of the kids at their school seemed to think hurting others’ feelings was okay – even “cool.”

Tanner asked me if it was possible to be cool and kind at the same time. I told him sure, and that it could be fun to learn how. I invited Tanner and some of his friends to come over after school so they could learn how to be Cool Kind Kids.

It was fun for me to meet his friends. Both boys and girls came. They all had stories to tell about how they had been treated by other kids. Some were gossiped about on the Internet, some were made fun of, and some were left out of games. Some were even bullied. They all wanted to find ways to stop some of the mean things kids were saying and doing.

Tanner had told his friends that I was a children’s manners teacher so I asked them what they thought manners were. One friend said, “How to eat without grossing others out!” Another said, “Not sticking fries up your nose!” Someone else yelled, “Not having spaghetti hanging from your chin.” They all said, “Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ is good manners.”

I explained that manners are about more than just eating right. Manners help us get along with one another. They show us how to be kind to people, and treat everyone with the same respect. Manners help us be a good friend, and teach us how to care about someone who is hurt or being bullied. They teach us how to be polite, kind, and caring.

Please join us as Tanner and his friends find out how to be “Cool Kind Kids.” Each story will show ways to be “cool” and “kind.”

You can be a “Cool Kind Kid” too!

© Cool Kind Kid

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