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FACEBOOK POST REVIEW - November 13, 2017 - November 19, 2017 [In case you missed a few.]

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Many people think that kids pushing and shoving like this is normal 'kids being kids' behavior. But in today's world, if this type of behavior is ongoing, repetitive, and hurtful, then it is bullying, and it needs to be addressed. Granted, many instances of this type of bullying are not seen by parents or teachers, so they are hard to discipline. But a kid who is constantly coming home with torn clothes, missing property, or visible blood needs to be heard and action needs to be taken. Be aware of what your child's school policies are for dealing with these issues, and if not satisfied, call, get a parent group together, go to the media, or law enforcement to be heard. A child's life might be saved. #STOPBULLYING #STOMPOUTBULLYING #BECOOLKINDKIDS


Tanners here again. Did your school have a lot of activities for National Bullying Prevention Month in October? What are they doing for the rest of the year to remind students to not bully? I think its fun to think of ways to use the Cool Kind Kid Challenge by asking kids if they are Cool enough to be Kind? #STOPSCHOOLBULLYING #TANNER'STUESDAYTIPS #BECOOLKINDKIDS


Cool Kind Kid Challengers…Know that with Thanksgiving approaching they need to think about all the things they are grateful for.


This is how I wait patiently for a treat. I hope you are grateful for what other people give you. With Thanksgiving next week, let's think of all the things we are grateful for. I'm grateful for Mommy and the great way she takes care of me, for my doggie door so I can go out by myself, and for going to the dog park. What are you grateful for?


70% of young people say they've seen bullying in their schools.

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