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​It’s "Cool” to live The Golden Rule

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Did you know that The Golden Rule is the basis for good manners, and how to treat people?

Hello again. Tanner and some of his friends have come back again to learn how to be Cool Kind Kids. He introduced me to Francie, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen, Nicole, and Roberto. The kids all seemed very excited to be learning how to be both “kind” and “cool.”

It's Sometimes Hard to be Kind

I asked them if they try their best to be kind. Tanner and the other kids all agreed that being kind wasn’t always easy. Francie replied, “Some kids laugh at me when I am nice.” Rudy added, “I’ve had kids call me names like ‘brown noser’ and other words that hurt my feelings.”

I continued, “Do kids tease you when you try to be kind?” Many hands went up. “They have it all backwards! ‘Kind’ is the “cool’ way to be.” “Are there kids at your school who think hurting someone’s feelings is okay?” “Yes,” all replied. “How uncool!” I saw all hands going up. “Do kids in your neighborhood have fun picking on others, especially little kids? That makes them look ‘little.’” “Are kids bullying on your bus?” All hands were up again. “Do you think they are cool when doing that?” “NO” all replied.

The Golden Rule

Last time, we talked about manners and how they can help us learn to be Cool Kind Kids. Manners or social skills teach us how to treat other people. They show us how to be ‘kind’ and ‘cool.’ They help us have more friends. You’ll remember that we also talked about The Golden Rule and said it was the basis for good manners. “What have you heard about The Golden Rule in school or at home?” Many people in the world think it’s an important rule to live by. It says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Most of the kids responded that they had heard about it.

The Wrong Golden Rule

“What if a friend punches you in the arm, and you punch him back. Is that The Golden Rule?”  Rudy right away jumped up and said, “Yeah, we have to fight back.” The other kids were arguing with Rudy that he was wrong. Punching someone back wasn’t the kind way to react. I asked what that reaction showed, and several of the kids got the idea that it was “Treat others the same way they treat you.” I asked if they could see the difference, and everyone started talking about examples of how others had treated them.

Learning The Golden Rule through Role-Plays

Tanner and his friends are going to create some role-plays or skits to show the difference in the two statements. Their first set of role-plays will show kids treating their friends the same way the friends have treated them – “He did it to me, so I can do it to him.” In these role-plays, kids are mean and hurtful. Then they’ll create a second set of role-plays showing the same situation, but with people acting out The Golden Rule Treat others the way you want to be treated.

You can write role-plays too. Get your parents, brothers, sisters, or some friends to help you. Be sure to be very dramatic and have fun. When you’re writing your role-plays, ask yourself, “How do I want to be treated? Do I want to be teased, picked on, or bullied? Or, do I want to be treated with kindness and respect?” Kids who think The Golden Rule is a COOL RULE are learning how to be ‘kind’ and ‘cool.’

You Can be a “Cool Kind Kid” too!

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