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In honor of National Poetry Month, I wanted to share another poem that I wrote for our Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition.  This poem is also from our lesson entitled Introductions.  It is in 3 parts.  

Classroom Activity

Role-plays are fun to do with this poem, with two kids portraying Izzy and Isabelle with the class.  Then have the whole class get in two lines, facing one another, each with a partner, and act out the poem as the instructor reads the 3rd part.  Kids often ask, "What if I don't remember how to do it right?" The answer is, "Try your best. Others won't always know that you did it wrong, and they'll think you are kind and cool because you tried."


Ignorant Izzy refuses to try introducing

Ignorant Izzy ignores introductions 
He just doesn't know what to say
He pretends they're not there
Just stands there and stares
Hoping they'll soon go away

Incredible Isabelle loves introducing

Incredible Isabelle includes introductions
They're one of the things she does best
She remembers their names
Tries to make it a game
Then moves on to meet the rest

You Can Do It, YOU

Just stick out your hand
Put a smile on your face
Stand tall and look in their eye
Say "Hello" and your name
And they'll do the same
What matters is that you try

(C) Cool Kind Kid

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