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School can be COOL!

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When Tanner, Nicole, Rudy, Carmen, Stephen, Francie and Roberto came to class they were having ‘elevated conversations’ about things that were happening at their schools. I greeted them and asked what they were so upset about. They all wanted to speak at once.

Manners Matter at School

Tanner started with, “Last time we talked about all the places that manners matter. I think that school is the most important place where we need to learn how to be kind to others, because that isn’t happening at my school!” Nicole added, “We spend more time in school than anywhere else when we’re awake, so school should be a safe, caring place that we want to go to. But not all kids think that their school is safe or caring. Good manners and social skills should matter a lot at school.” The kids all high-fived Nicole.

Rudy then spoke up and said, “Too many kids are being teased, picked on, excluded, or bullied in school. I don’t get it. Why can’t they just be nicer to each other?” Carmen agreed. Stephen asked, “What happened to The Golden Rule? That’s a great rule for getting along with one another. I think it’s a cool rule.”

Can School be Cool?

I then asked the kids, “Can school be cool?” Tanner said, “Not my school; kids are mean there.” Rudy added, “Some kids think that being rude is cool.” Nicole didn’t think it was cool to tease or gossip. They all had comments about how their school wasn’t cool.

How Can School be Cool?

I next asked the class, “What will make your school cool?” Carmen said, “It should be a friendly place.” All the kids agreed. Nicole added, “Where everyone fits in and no-one is left out.” Everyone clapped for Nicole’s idea. Roberto added, “I think when everyone is polite and kind, then school will be cool.” Good one.

A Safe School is a Cool School

“What about school being a safe place?” Tanner asked. “I know kids who are afraid to go to school because of kids who bully other kids.” That’s a problem at a lot of schools. School should be a place where everyone feels comfortable going to each day. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do about kids who bully. Stephen said, “When I see someone getting bullied, I want to help them, but I feel like a tattle-tale if I tell the teacher.” Lots of kids feel like that. They need to understand that when someone is being hurt, getting help is not tattling. Telling a teacher, counselor, principal, coach, or other adult about someone being bullied or someone who is bullying is the right thing to do. You could be saving someone from being injured. Cool Kind Kids know that bullying isn’t cool.

A Cool School is a Respectful School

Cool Kind Kids take a stand against bullying. By doing that, you gain the respect of your teachers and classmates, and you help create a safe, cool school. Showing respect at school means respecting the people who work there, the students who attend, and the school property, like books and equipment. Being respectful is good manners, and an important part of making your school cool.

Do the Cool School Respect Activity

  • See how many people you can think of at your school who should be shown respect. [Teacher, janitor, nurse, etc.]
  • Make a list of all the places at your school where people should show respect. [Classroom, playground, cafeteria, etc.]
  • Now for each of the people and places list a good manners rule that you think will help your school be cool.

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