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Celebrating National Poetry Month-INTRODUCTIONS by Cool Kind Kid

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Social Skills Poems by Cool Kind Kid

April is National Poetry Month.  In honor of that, I'm blogging some of the original poems I've written for our Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition.

From the lesson on INTRODUCTIONS:

Part 1 Blake [who wants no part of introducing]

Whom to who, how do you do

Introduce me, Introduce you

What's all the fuss, I don't really care

I could pretend they're not even there

Stand, smile, look them in the eye

Give them space, don't be in their face

Rules, rules, I don't really care

I could pretend, they're not even there

Part 2 Jake [who realizes that introducing is a skill he should learn]

Shake their hand one, two, three

I could ask, what they want to be

Speak clearly, listen carefully,

Maybe I could be more mannerly

I'll try my best to do it right

I want to be a kid who's polite

(C) Cool Kind Kid

Raising a "Cool Kind Kid"

Early in the morning in December, 2001, shortly after 9/11, I was awakened with the following poem in my head.  I tried for two hours to go back to sleep, but it persisted.  I finally got up and wrote it down.  It hasn't changed since then, except for the addition of one stanza when I [...]

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