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Top Tips for Parents Making Family Travel Plans

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Top Tips for Parents Making Family Travel Plans

When it comes to making travel arrangements for your whole family, things can quickly become complicated. How can you keep things simple and enjoyable for everyone? Here is key advice for planning trips that are both fun and easy for each family member.

Start with a Great Attitude

Going on a trip with children, no matter the age, often involves a certain amount of angst for adults. Many parents dread the moods, questions, and hiccups that can accompany the best-laid travel plans. However, your own point of view can make a world of difference when you’re standing in a lengthy line, looking for a rest stop, or realizing you missed a turn because you were addressing an argument between siblings. One suggestion is to think of yourself as the travel guide for your children and keep in mind a few giggles can quickly diffuse the worst of moods on all sides. Remain flexible, and explain various aspects of your trip to the kids in age-appropriate terms. For example, as Vogue notes, red-eye flights can be a “sleepover” on an airplane, although make it a point to accentuate the “sleep” part.

Keeping Clean

As far as your children’s toys are concerned, be aware of how you handle them throughout your travels, especially if your itinerary includes flying. You don’t want your children picking up viruses or bacteria from unfamiliar places and getting sick, so plan on routinely disinfecting their toys. Soft toys can be hand washed and then treated with a blend of rubbing alcohol and water, wooden toys can be sprayed with a solution of vinegar water, and hard toys can be scrubbed in soapy water and then wiped down with rubbing alcohol.

Managing Energy Levels

There are many ways you can help your kids when it comes to handling long hours in vehicles. Indulge in some fun foods you wouldn’t normally allow to lighten the experience of getting to your destination, and take advantage of playgrounds to let your kids blow off steam. And as some experts explain, letting your children meet other children between stops is a great way to both entertain them and burn off excess energy. Play word games and have treasure hunts — whatever you need to do so they later can relax when they are cooped up.

Have Fun, Will Travel

How your children feel about your trip while you’re on the road can come in waves. Kids can be so excited about new places and attractions, and so cranky when they are tired. One way to combat dull or frustrating moments is by providing entertainment. When it comes to toys, Breezy Mama explains you can really amp up your children’s excitement by stowing some special selections just for traveling. And for teens and tweens, consider picking out some apps that are both fun and educational to help during dull parts of the journey.

Strollers are Wonderful

If your child is small enough for a stroller, Ebony suggests having one along even if your youngster can walk. Kids don’t have the patience adults do, so when they are waiting in line or a flight is delayed, it’s nice to be able to let them settle in for a bit. Another suggestion is to rent your baby gear while you’re away, especially if you’re flying. Lugging a stroller or car seat through airport security, along with all your other bags and children, can be wearisome to even the hardiest travelers. Picking up a rental can be convenient and efficient.

Hitting the road with your whole crew can be challenging, but a few strategies can keep things simple and fun. Maintain a great perspective, allow kids to blow off steam now and then, take advantage of clever travel hacks, and ensure there is some entertainment for everyone. No matter how you get there or where you go, you will all be able to enjoy the ride!

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