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Anti Bullying Music For Kids

Your children or students can learn the social skills needed to reject bullying through these fun, original, engaging, anti-bullying, educational songs for kids.



Cool Kind Kid’s 17 original, educational songs for children were commissioned by the developer of the Cool Kind Kid Social Skills, Character Values, and Anti-Bullying Curriculum, Elementary School Edition, to enhance the content of this bullying prevention program. These songs for kids support the educational premise that music helps keep young kids engaged and having fun while learning. Though originally created to support the educational content of the Cool Kind Kid Curriculum, these fun anti-bullying songs can stand alone. They can also be found in several of the Cool Kind Kid bully prevention books recently created for parents as well as educators.

This anti-bullying music is FUN for kids from ages 2-9, and even for those adults who listen to the music along with the kids.  Kids will have fun singing and dancing to the music. Reports have come back stating that these fun educational songs for kids teach the social skills lessons, and present the anti-bullying activities in a way that indicate the positive messages of Cool Kind Kid are being received and embraced by the children exposed to them.

Each of these educational songs was commissioned to teach a different social skill. The developer of the curriculum gave the song writer the educational content to include in each song. These catchy, entertaining, and educational songs help kids learn tools for rejecting bullying; through social skills activities and anti-bullying lessons. This great educational music, along with fun characters and activities, teaches kids manners and social skills without nagging.

The Cool Kind Kid CD and its educational anti-bullying songs for kids are appropriate for either the home or the classroom. Parents have reported back to us that they are very tired of hearing these songs; their kids LOVE the music and are playing it non-stop. What a great testimony! Classroom teachers have reported that their students ask every day if there is a new Cool Kind Kid song to go with a lesson that day. And, they want the songs to be played over and over in class. Kids have been heard singing the songs in the hallways and cafeteria. Many have told us about creative hand and dance moves that they have developed to enhance the music. These educational anti-bullying songs for kids also work well in preschools, daycares, camps, after-school, summer, community and recreation programs.

The Cool Kind Kid CD and its appealing, engaging, fun songs has been endorsed by Common Sense Media. Their review included the following:  “Parents need to know that this award-winning album is a great way to teach your kids important life lessons, such as speaking clearly and answering the phone, as well as the importance of being kind to everyone. Kids will learn social skills and what it means to be a bully without feeling like they’re being preached to.”

Educational Value—A+ “This album is meant to teach kids about etiquette, self-esteem, and how to be a positive example to those around them. It puts basic manners in the spotlight in a way that kids will enjoy, dance to, and embrace”

It is also endorsed by KIDS FIRST! Coalition for Quality Children’s Media. Their adult review said: “This CD is a 17 set of character-affirming songs that present children with options to make positive choices in their daily existence of life, school and home with special attention paid to peer pressure. The songs are well produced and performed with a mix of adult and child performers. An array of musical styles from rock to pop to folk infuse the messages of manners, respect and making a stand with an accessible immediacy. The collection is a valuable teaching tool for parents and educators to integrate into their bag of tricks. The structure is sound. Every song has a behavior that ideally should be modeled - manners, standing up for what is right, following rules, kindness and similar. The content is age appropriate and, of course, emphasizes that it is "cool to be kind."

The Cool Kind Kid CD has won more than 15 national awards, including Parents’ Choice, Teachers’ Choice, The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, and numerous Creative Child Awards.

In the words of The Parents’ Choice Foundation, “With contemporary style and upbeat music, and lyrics that children can easily put into practice, this CD offers a fun way to teach manners and social skills—without being boring and uptight.”

  • 17 original songs for children: FUN songs for kids 2-9
  • Catchy, entertaining, and educational songs that teach kids social skills to reject bullying
  • Each engaging song teaches a different social skill
  • Great educational music that teaches manners without nagging
  • Sing-a-long music for kids for home or classroom
  • Award-winning music for children by Steve Megaw

Preview Clips

  1. play
    Cool Kind Kid
  2. play
    That Is Why
  3. play
  4. play
    Magic Word Mambo
  5. play
  6. play
    When the Telephone Rings
  7. play
    Wanda and Luggo
  8. play
    Polite to Me
  9. play
    My Family
  1. play
    Rude Rudy
  2. play
    The Best Friend I Can Be
  3. play
    Margie’s Slumber Party
  4. play
    Write It Down
  5. play
    School Rules
  6. play
    Manners Matter Everywhere
  7. play
    Dan’s Disastrous Dining Dilemma
  8. play
    True American


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