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Our products have received tremendous reviews and awards!  


PunchBugKids recently had this to say about CoolKindKid products:

PunchBugKIDS believes that Cool Kind Kid is a one of a kind resource for families and teachers to use with their children. Teachers can use Cool Kind Kid to help teach valuable lessons to children about bullying, developing proper social skills and manners through the use of lesson plans. The plans outline activities, use music, games and flash cards to help teach children what “cool” really means. Parents can use Cool Kind Kid resources such as books, flashcards, even placemats to help teach their children the importance of being a “Cool Kind Kid”. As a teacher with both a Masters degree in elementary education, a degree in library science and the Publisher of PunchBugKIDS, I highly recommend Cool Kind Kid to all teachers and parents. Children can only benefit from the lessons Cool Kind Kid artfully teaches. - Ellen Fensterer, Publisher

 Read their full review here: http://www.punchbugkids.com/chh/Splash-for-Cool-Kind-Kid/d/1159/

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