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School Assembly Program

Reviews of the Cool Kind Kid® School Assembly Program

Special thanks to the students at Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts in Somers Point, NJ for outstanding performances.  You are awesome! 

assemblyprogram.pngReviews from Teachers and Principals

  • “Jordan Road School had the opportunity to host a Cool Kind Kid Assembly earlier this month for our second and third graders.  Feedback from staff and students was so positive that we asked them to come back to share their powerful message with our kindergarten and first grade students.  Dance and choral students from Charter-Tech High School, another school in Somers Point, share their talents in the form of catchy songs and dances, which really engaged our students not only in the performance, but more importantly, the message.  ‘Being kind is cool’ is the message that I have shared on our morning announcements with our students, so this School Assembly provided a reinforcement of the social skills that we practice daily of ‘breaking the cycle of bullying by redefining cool.’”  [Somers Point, NJ Asst. Principal] 
  • “Thank you for coming to our school and sharing the Cool Kind Kids' lessons with us.  It is nice to see the world shifting from a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude.  The show gave good tips on how to treat others, how to avoid getting bullied for unhealthy choices and how to have a healthy self-image.”  [Atlantic City, NJ Teacher] 
  • “Whenever I looked at the third and fourth grade classes I saw nothing but students who were mesmerized!  The kids were smiling and laughing (when appropriate) and swaying to the music.  It was a fantastic assembly for this age group.”  [Pleasantville, NJ Teacher] 
  • “I wanted to let you know the performance for the students at Richmond Avenue was amazing. What great kids and so talented! True representation of how to be a ‘Cool kind Kid!’  I thought I was watching an episode of GLEE!”  [Atlantic City, NJ Teacher] 
  • “I loved it!  The songs were so catchy!”  [Atlantic City, NJ Teacher] 
  • “The show was great.  The staff and students had many positive comments.  I thought the students were great in the assembly.  It reminded me of Glee.  I want to book a third show.”  [Somers Point, NJ Principal]


Reviews from Students

  • “It was fun, funny, and I want to see it again. I liked all the songs, especially ‘Cool Kind Kid.’” I learned to be kind and not bully!”  [Jayne—2nd grader] 
  • “I liked all of it.  I liked the song ‘Wanda and Luggo ’ best.  I learned to be nice to people; to respect yourself and others, and to help your neighbors, community, and world.”  [Bella—3rd grader] 
  • “I haven’t taken the wrist band off since the show.  I wear it to bed and in the shower.  The show was great.  I love singing, ‘I don’t want to be a bully with an attitude, whose mouth is like a trash can lid…I just want to be a Cool Kind Kid.’”  [Sean—3rd grader] 
  • [Comments from a 2nd grade class]—“It was nice to get wristbands.”  “It was a cool assembly.”  “We liked the acting and songs.”  “We learned being mean is not cool; being cool means you’re being kind.”

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