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Social Skills Classes


Do you want to provide your children
with the social skills 
tools they need
to build healthy relationships?

Do you want to equip them with the
tools to reject bullying?

[Research is now showing that social skills, or
social competence training, at young ages,
are the missing link in bullying prevention.]

 You can Build their Social Self-Confidence
through FUN Social Skills Classes

For Boys and Girls – Grades 3 and 4

2-hour classes - include snacks
with dining instruction

6th class at a restaurant - includes a full
meal with dining instruction

      Award-winning music
Fun characters and lots of activities

Parent review after each class




 Kids are engaged and having fun as they learn…
    “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully”™

           See NEW Class Schedule here:


Sept. 30,

Mon.  4-6 PM 

Introducing Tanner and Manners
The Magic Words 5, 4, 3

2 Oct. 7,
Mon.  4-6 PM 

Talking and Listening
First Impressions
Personal Manners


3 Oct. 14,

4-6 PM

Rude Behaviors
Guests, Hosts, and Parties

4 Oct. 21,
Mon.  4-6 PM 

Family Manners


Oct. 28,

Mon.  4-6 PM 

Presents, Gifts and Thank-You Notes
Manners in Public Places
Dining Review

6th class is on Monday, November 4th from 4-6 PM
at Arlene's on Asbury, 624 Asbury Ave. OC,
where the children will receive a full
meal with dining instruction. 

CLASS LOCATION: Next Class Session will be
in Ocean City at the 8th Street Recreation
Center across from the Acme

Class Size is Limited - Sign Up Early

6 Classes = 12 hours = $200


 Instructor: Barbara Gilmour—call or email with questions and
to receive detailed course outline

 office: 609-398-1949 or cell: 856-287-7554

866-KID-KIND [866-543-5463]

email: bgilmour@coolkindkid.com

 [After purchase you will receive an emailed registration form.]


Parent Testimonies

The Cool Kind Kids Social Skills class was great. Callie was happy and excited about going each time.  she loved the CD songs and games.  She learned more about how her actions affected others, table settings and eating manners. The out to dinner treat to show what they learned was great and special. I liked it because it reinforced what we teach at home. Thank you for making this available.

Sharon Hicks 


Our 8 year old Daughter just completed the 6 week Cool Kind King's Kids Social Skills Classes at our church. What a wonderful program! Not only did she have fun, but she truly learned (and remembers!) social skills that are missing in today's world. At the dinner table she will even correct each of us about our manners in such a loving way. For example, when her older Sister sets the table in the wrong way, Aliyah will quietly go around and fix each setting when her sister is busy doing something else! Not only did Aliyah learn to set a table properly, but she learned how to not embarrass someone AND how to avoid a sibling fight!! Aliyah loved going to each session and really felt grown-up going to the dinner at the restaurant to practice all she had learned. This is a fantastic program to give kids today the confidence they need to have face-to-face interaction with people in their lives.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience for our Daughter.

Colleen Hincken

My daughter Kiara recently attended the Cool Kind Kid Social Skills Classes at church.  She loved every minute of it.  Not only did she learn a lot but she had fun while doing it.  I really appreciated the value of the subject matter as well.  We live in an electronic age and society is becoming more and more impersonal.  This social skills class is needed because it is influencing children at a time before they get caught up in social media and other things like that.

We as parents get so busy that we often neglect some points of etiquette while raising children.  In this class children learn about writing thank you notes, how to have polite conversations, how to behave in various social settings and more.  I would like to see this program in churches, schools, after school programs and homes all around the country.  Thank you for providing my daughter with a fun and beneficial experience.

Susan Loo Review

I enrolled my daughter Chloe in the Cool Kind Kid course at our church.  I wanted Chloe to not only interact with kids her own age, but to learn with them how to be more polite.  Kids today are inundated with a lot of negativity and this course seemed just right for her.  From the very first class, Chloe was implementing what she learned, and was teaching her siblings the lessons as well.  She was always so excited to attend class on Wednesdays, gained valuable experience on respect and manners.  I highly recommend having your child attend this course to learn with their peers why it’s important to be respectful to others, and most importantly, value yourself. 

Sean Romero Testimony

This winter my two daughters, 9 and 10 years of age, attended the 6-week program, Cool Kind Kids!  They absolutely loved each class and the material they learned! They would come home and demonstrate exactly what they learned during dinner. The first class they learned about table placement and they even cooked/put together a meal for the family and set the table. They also called us adults on our bad table manners! I never knew my left hand was supposed to rest on my lap or how to indicate that I was finished eating! 

Amanda Rowe-They truly enjoyed their teachers

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